China's economy today

China will continue to reduce tariffs and expand imports of high-quality goods and services, Chinese President XI Jinping said on Thursday, vowing to push through reforms and promote a growth model based on innovation.

At a meeting last month, the leaders outlined a plan and key goals for the next 15 years. One of the main goals is to turn China into a "high-income" country by 2025 and become a "moderately developed" country by 2035.

Ray Dalio, founder of the hedge Fund Bridgewater Associates, believes that a significant part of the portfolio should be held in Chinese assets.

In the US, the deficit will continue to grow and the country's national debt will increase. Investors around the world already have too many US bonds, and they will start to diversify — in particular, by increasing investment in China, dalio believes.

During the pandemic, China did not aggressively ease monetary policy, as in other countries. As a result, Chinese bonds yield more than 3%. US bonds have a yield of less than 1%

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