Brexit Prohibition Bill

British lawmakers made an attempt yesterday to block a possible Brexit without a deal. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he will insist on early elections. Today, lawmakers will try to pass a law requiring Johnson to ask the EU to postpone Brexit for the third time - until January 31, 2020 - in the absence of an agreement approved by parliament on the conditions and procedure for the kingdom to leave the bloc.

Representatives of opposition parties and rebel legislators from Johnson’s party, who were warned that they would be expelled from the Conservative Party if they challenged the government, tried to prevent the exit from the EU without a deal. Johnson promised to withdraw Great Britain from the EU on October 31 with or without an agreement.

He reiterated this promise in his speech Monday night. Johnson's government will now seek to vote to
approve early elections, which are likely to be scheduled for October 14.

"I’m not aiming for elections, but if MPs vote to stop negotiations and create another meaningless delay for Brexit,

perhaps for years, then this will be the only way to solve this problem, "Johnson said in parliament after the vote.

The pound fell to $ 1.1959 before a vote in parliament. The probability of Britain leaving the EU without a deal increased from 20% to 25%. The basic scenario remains, in which a close version of the existing Brexit deal will be approved by the House of Commons. The likelihood of such a scenario is estimated at 45%. The probability of Brexit absence is reduced from 35% to 30%.

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