BREXIT- latest news

In anticipation of negotiations between the European Union and the UK, high volatility was recorded on the GBPUSD pair on February 1, 2020, Britain left the EU, but without addressing important issues. Then the European Union and the United Kingdom announced that by the end of 2021 they will come to a common opinion. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was constantly postponed.

There are three important questions at stake:
⁃ Fishing question
⁃ Standards between EU and UK
⁃ Legal supervision.
The French President advocates for the right to fish in British waters.
The UK wants to figure in business with the aim of offering more competitive proposals than the EU. This question has many details and is really important. Also, the UK does not want to see the participation of the European Court in the decisions of legal disputes in British domestic law.

The EU summit will begin on Thursday. This is the last opportunity to negotiate and accept the deal this year. If the EU and England break off relations and the brexit goes without a deal, then we will get pressure on GBPUSD, EURUSD, and the UK stock market.

The British currency regained most of the sharp fall on Monday after the announcement of the meeting in Brussels and at the end of the Asian session fell at $ 1.3350, well above Monday's low of $ 1.3225.
Other major companies were broadly stable Against the euro, the pound was under moderate pressure at 0.9071. The euro exchange rate was $ 1.2114.

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