Economic Calendar 27 November


USA - Thanksgiving Day

Currency: JPY
Volatility: Moderate

- Basic Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Tokyo (YoY) (November)

Fact - 0.7% Forecast - 0.7%
Pre- 0.5%

The Tokyo Core CPI measures changes in the price of goods and services, excluding food and energy.
A key way to measure changes in purchasing and inflation trends in Japan.
Indicators higher than expected are seen as positive / bullish for the JPY (a common way to fight inflation is to raise rates that could attract foreign investment), while indicators below expected indicate a negative / bearish market for the JPY.

Currency: GBP
Volatility: Moderate

UK Nationwide House Price Index MoM

Actual - 0.8% Forecast - 0.4%
Pre- 0.9%

The Nationwide House Price Index measures the change in the average price of a home with a Nationwide mortgage in the UK. The leading indicator in the real estate market.
Readings higher than expected are seen as positive / bullish for the GBP, while readings below expected indicate negative / bearish market for the GBP.

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