Economic Calendar 5 April


Germany - Bright Monday

Switzerland - Easter

Weekend Italy - Easter

United Kingdom - Easter

France - Bright Monday

New Zealand - Easter

Hong Kong - Official Holiday

China - Official day off

Spain - Easter

Australia - Bright Monday

Currency: USD
Volatility: High

ISM US Non-Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (Mar)

Fact - 55.3 Forecast - 58.7
Prev - 58.7

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Services Business Activity Index (also known as ISM Services) reflects activity in the services sector over the previous month.
Any readings above 50 indicate expansion, while readings below 50 indicate contraction.
Has less impact on GDP than the Manufacturing Activity Index (ISM).
Indicators higher than expected are seen as positive / bullish direction for the USD, while indicators below expected indicate negative / bearish market for USD.

Currency: USD
Volatility: Moderate

Markit Composite PMI (Mar)

Fact - 59.1 Prev - 59.5

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