Economic Calendar 7 December

Currency: EUR

Volatility: Moderate

Industrial production in Germany (MoM)

Actual - 3.2% Forecast - 1.6%
Prev - 2.3%

Industrial production published by the Statistical Office reflects the production of factories, factories and mines in Germany. This indicator is receiving increased attention, as it is the main indicator of the strength of the manufacturing sector. A high reading is considered positive (or bullish) for the EUR, while a low reading is considered negative (or bearish).

Currency: CAD
Volatility: High

Ivey Business Activity Index (PMI) (Nov)

Fact - 54.5K Forecast - 51.5K
Prev - 54.3K

The Ivey PMI is a measure published by the Richard Ivey Business School that measures the business climate in Canada. It is an important indicator of market conditions and the country's economy as a whole. A result above 50 is considered positive (bullish) for the CAD, and below 50 is considered negative or bearish.

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