Economic Calendar December 15

Currency: AUD

Volatility: High

Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes

The Reserve Bank of Australia is publishing a detailed report on the results of the Monetary Policy Commission meeting. The report is published 2 weeks after the meeting. The report provides information on the bank's decisions regarding the interest rate. Usually this commission meets 11 times a year, every first Tuesday of the month, except January. A peace-loving statement can lead to a depreciation of the AUD, and a bellicose one - to an increase.

Currency: CNY
Volatility: High

Industrial Production (YoY) (November)

Actual - 7.0% Prev - 6.9%
Forecast - 7.0%

China's industrial production measures the change in the total production of factories, mines, and utilities. This gives a good indicator of strength in the industrial sector. It can be a leading indicator of industrial employment, average earnings, and personal income. Readings higher than expected are seen as positive / bullish for the CNY, while readings below expectations indicate negative / bearish market for the CNY.

Currency: GBP
Volatility: High

Average level of wages including bonuses (oct)

Actual -1.3% Forecast- 1.0%
Pre - 0.1%

Average wages including bonuses reflects changes in average wages, including bonuses. This index provides a good indication of the growth in personal wealth for the specified month. Readings above expectations are seen as positive / bullish for the GBP, while readings below expectations indicate negative / bearish for the GBP.

Currency: GBP
Volatility: High

Change in the number of applications for unemployment benefits (Nov)

Fact - 29.8K Forecast - 50.0K
Prev - (-40.2K)

The change in the number of applications for unemployment benefits reflects changes in the number of unemployed in the UK for the specified month. An upward trend indicates weakness in the labor market and has a negative impact on consumer spending and therefore on economic growth. A reading above the forecast negatively affects the GBP, while the data below the forecast is a positive indicator for the country's national currency.

AUDUSD - the uptrend stopped twice at the resistance level 0.7570 and began to reverse to the downward correction in the short term

USDJPY - the downtrend once again did not break below the support level of 103.70, forming a false breakout with a rebound upward.

EURRUB - the downtrend reversed to a short-term upward correction to the strong, historical resistance level of 89.15.

GOLD - the medium-term price rally has begun to turn down towards the support level of 1830, which has been holding back the price decline for the last two weeks.

BITCOIN - the medium-term downward correction with the help of a gap turned upward, returning behind the uptrend line.

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