Exchange Rates

The official US dollar exchange rate set by the Central Bank since December 17 is 73.4201 rubles. Compared to the previous value, the exchange rate decreased by 2.52 kopecks.

The dollar index fell 0.1% to 90.317, the level last seen in April 2018.

The dollar against the yen fell to 103.20 yen from the level of 103.66

The euro rate against the dollar rose to $ 1.2235 from $ 1.2197 per euro.

British pound to dollar rate increased from 1.3572 to 0.48%

The ruble depreciates amid the decision of the US Federal Reserve to keep the rate at 0-0.25%
The dollar / ruble pair is at 73.03.

Brent futures added 1.37% and is priced at $ 51.77, the price is located at new highs since early March.

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