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Australian exchange operator ASX Ltd on Monday suspended trading on its stock market, citing "data problems."

"The ASX stock market is currently suspended and while we are investigating issues with market data, no trading is taking place," the ASX said on Twitter. ]

In Asia, the world's largest free trade zone was created

by Fifteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including China and Japan, but not counting the United States, agreed to a trade deal, the agreement was signed on the sidelines of the online summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Oil data:

oil prices rose:
Brent crude futures LCOcl rose 0.7% to $ 43.08 a barrel, below last week's two-month high of $ 45.30. The price of US West Texas Intermediate crude oil for December CLcl was 40.48 dollars per barrel.

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