Monday news

Soft Bank Group Corp (9984.T) Shares Down 5 Percent

Japan's financial center has invested billions of dollars in options and technology stocks, hoping to see them rise.
According to the Financial Times, the trading profit was $ 4 billion.

At the beginning of the week, the oil price dropped by> $ 1 a barrel, reaching its lowest since July, after Saudi Arabia cut prices for supplies to Asia for half a year.
Brent LCOcl price was $ 47.75
It dropped 1 cent to $ 41.51 a barrel.

The pace of global economic recovery

The global economy is experiencing a peak in recovery from the pandemic. Experts argue that the main thing is to roll back on time from support measures in which trillions of dollars have already been invested.
Otherwise, by 2025, the pandemic could cause damage to the economy of the whole world in $ 35 trillion.
However, it should be noted that these measures allow you to maintain positions.
In China, the economy is recovering, unemployment has dropped in the United States, and production is growing in Germany.

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