The beginning of the week turned out to be quiet, with no major news releases scheduled for Monday.

 The world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recovered its losses after falling 14% to $ 51,541 on Sunday. It last traded around $ 57,020. This happened due to speculation by the US Treasury Department, which took measures to combat money laundering within digital assets. The dollar index, which tracks the currency against six peers, stood at 91.145 near last week's low.

 Concerns about the ruble

 Exchange analysts doubt that US sanctions will affect the exchange rate of the Russian currency. The fluctuation of the ruble is associated not only with external circumstances, but also with inflation in the Russian Federation. Such deviations have limits and tendencies for the “rapid collapse” of the ruble are not observed.

 USD / RUB pair - is trading near 76.20 (+ 0.50%).


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