The most anticipated event of recent months is of course the us presidential Election

Uncertainty fuels the interest of investors

Someone wants to enter the market at the time when the result will be announced and we will know the Name of the winner:

For example, James McDonald tonight plans to sit among the 19 computer screens in his office in Los Angeles, waiting for the right moment to make a deal, which he hopes will become one of his most lucrative deals of the year.


The chief Executive of hedge Fund Hercules Investments has developed a trading strategy aimed at capitalizing on the short-term surge in volatility that he believes will occur when investors adjust their positions in response to the election results.

Despite this , the dollar index continued to decline compared with March figures of 9% to reach 93,873

The dollar rose 0.28 % to $ 1.1673 against the yen,Euro and British pound.

- This is the dollar to yen fell by 0.09 % to 104,61
- The British pound rose against the dollar by 0.25% to 1.2944

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