World Markets Review

Asian stocks are expected to rise after economic data triggered a sharp rise in Wall Street.

The dollar continues to move up.

All in anticipation of economic data for China and Japan.

- Japanese Nikke futures: 225> 0.04%

- Australian S & P / ASX 200 futures> 0.69%

- Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong) <0.15

Oil holds a stable position, demand has recovered by 90%.

- Futures on Brent - 2.66% and traded at $ 44.67 per barrel.


The market went down from the level of 1200. BTC / USD pair - 11.376

The index of business activity in the US industry rose to 56% against the forecast of 54.5%, which constrains the demand for gold.

The price of futures fell by 1.65% - to $ 1942.6 per troy ounce

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